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Plumis Automist® fire suppression systems are a simple, retrofitted sprinkler alternative for home owners looking for an active fire suppression system that offers simplicity, reliability and peace of mind. PF&S install and maintain Plumis Automist® systems, throughout the entire North Wales area including Anglesey, Gwynedd, Conwy and surrounding counties. We pride ourselves in providing the very best service, from our FREE initial quotations through to installation, commissioning and maintenance.

The Plumis Automist® system is the modern alternative to a domestic home sprinkler system. Current sprinkler systems are simply not designed for effective domestic use. They are expensive, use enormous volumes of water that can damages homes and they’re very difficult to retrofit.

Plumis Automist’s simple, elegant design uses cutting-edge technology detecting and suppressing fire by smothering the source with a dense fog of water mist while at the same time minimising water damage. It can be easily fitted into your home with minimal disruption and it uses 90% less water than alternative misting system on the market.

Plumis Automist® is the ideal solution for when fire suppression is required by Building Control for open plan living and loft conversions. Rigorous testing has proven that it activates to suppress a fire much faster than any traditional sprinklers on the market today.

Why fit Plumis Automist® systems?

  • Plumis installations are extremely cost-effective
  • The system easily integrates with existing plumbing
  • Third party tested – the UK’s only BSI (British Standard Institute) certified system
  • Simple and reliable, for complete peace of mind
  • State of the art and much more effective than ANY traditional sprinkler system
  • Automist® systems use much less water volume than standard misters
Plumis Automist® Enquiries

PF&S Ltd. are proud to be the only authorised installers of Plumis Automist® systems in Wales. To discuss any Plumis Automist® related requirement or for a FREE, no obligation quotation please feel free to contact PF&S Ltd. »